About us

Our new ecommerce global mall empowers small and medium size enterprises (SME) to export their products without the headache of working International trade.
Here are a few challenges for SME to export:

1) How much should I charge in the currency of my customer?
2) Is my product legal in the foreign territory? At first what are the restricted countries.
3) Do I need a license to import my product?
4) Can I sell enough to justify the presence or having an agent?
5) Who is going to manage my receivable and chase for my customers for payment?
6) How expensive will it be for me My bank will only finance my domestic receivable. How can I get financing?

Small businesses do not have the resources to answer these questions.
This is where our network helps. There are 196 countries where we can work to empower SME export. Although we will aim to be in all locations, we will strategically plan our partnership roll out. We have representation in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand. In Q1 we plan to open in the US (Wyoming), Europe (Belgium), Canada, the Philippines, and South Korea.